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Know True Zodiac Sign / Birth Rashi
As per Indian Vedic Astrology
For US$ 11 or INR Rs. 501/- Only

Vedic Indian astrology has many calculation based complexes like The Lagna, Birth Star and Several other parameters relating to each individual which are determined by horoscope for particular Time, Date and Place of Birth ie., Marriage Compatibility is a another branch in Indian astrology having many parameters dealing with compatibility of groom and bride.

Predictions based on Vedic astrology are more Accurate and True than those based on sun sign. All these sign based predictions are general. Such as - using Nirayan Sun Signs, all persons born between 15 February to 14 March fall into the sign of Aquarius. They would have a certain set of traits or characteristics. However, while using moon signs two persons though born on 15 February in the same year but at different times may have different Birth Rashis and Lagnas. Predictions based on Vedic astrology are accurate. Here Lagna is first determined. Further Lagna varies in every two hours and also with place of birth. This gives very different, Characteristics and unlike Sun signs makes it possible to categorize the traits of every individual in depth.

Know Your True Zodiac Sign / Birth Rashi
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