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World Famous Shani Temple of His Holiness Guru Rajneesh Rishi
N. Delhi, INDIA, Ph : 011 - 45051710, E-mail -
All funds are being used in Religious - Spiritual functions and Public welfare
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Shani Maha Dasha
Shani Sare Satti
Shani Dhayya
Shani Dosha
Shani Peera
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Lord Shani Dev is Angry with You !
Let Us Perform Lord Shani Puja For You
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Guru Rajneesh Rishi Organise Free Shani Tel -Deep Puja to every person who join him on Saturday morning regulerly. Along with it Guru Rajneesh Rishi arranges shani puja, shani pooja, shani poja, shani dosh puja, shani sade sati puja, shani puja CD, shani mantra puja, shani vedic puja, shani pujan, astam shani puja, pancham shani puja, shani dosam puja, shani puja services, sani pooja, sani puja for all Shani Devotees from requesting him from 126 countries of this Globe.

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Term and Conditions : No Shani Puja will be Performed for Any Profit
1. We will Perform All Your Puja's Individually, However Name of Family Members may be involved in it.
2. All Shani Pujas may be Started Any Day to Finish on Saturdays with Yagya and Maha Langer to Shani People.
3. Dates of Puja will be Given As per Availability, Puja must be Booked at least 15 - 30 Days in advance.
4. Shani Puja Once Booked cannot be Cancelled at all, however Change in Name and Date may be Possible.
5. Shani Puja Will be Performed only after getting Full Payments in Advance by Cash / Cheque / Online Payments.
6. We Perform Best Efforts to Offer Puja to Lord Shanidev on Your Behalf Being a Devotee, Not for Any Profit.
7. In case of Any Dispute, Jurisdiction of New Delhi, India will be binding to all of Us.
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Special Vedic Worship for Dosha / Problems & Yajna
shani yagya
Request Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji to Organise Vedic Puja & Yagna as per your Horoscope ... Request Now »
Get Guru Diksha From World Famous Guruji
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Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Booking of Maa Rokmani
shrimad bhagwat katha
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